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本週方法卡是Judge a Person at First Glance,從第一眼描述一個陌生人,你可以從髮型開始。 你要怎麼說「小平頭的男生」和「紮著馬尾的女生」?以下開放回答!  
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Happy Ramadan! 一年一度的伊斯蘭教齋戒月在6月28日展開。齋戒月是伊斯蘭月曆的第九個月,穆斯林會在這個月中展開長達30天的禁食,從日出到日落,不進食、喝水、喝酒等。這段期間不只禁食,也杜絕任何不好的思想、情緒和言語。許多穆斯林會在這段期間,和曾經有過紛爭的朋友求和道歉。禁食不僅幫助淨化心靈,也讓許多人體驗貧窮和飢餓的滋味,讓人學習感恩。 Ramadan is not just about "not eating". It's a time for inner reflection, devotion to God, appreciation, and self control. Do you get a new perspective on it now? -- Photo via 
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Morning! Embrace your day with positive attitude. Play the laughter. Pause the memories. Stop the rain. Replay the happiness. -- Claire Peng Source: 
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如果總是作一些預期之內的事情,那就不會有意想不到的驚喜發生。 Try to think out of the box and something unexpected might come around. -- Posted by Claire Peng Source: Think & Speak Peace
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原來當別人喜歡你的時候,你也會不自覺的對對方有好感,社會心理學家稱這種心理現象為 "Reciprocal Liking" Collocation  show interest in*  e.g. Nora started to show his great interest in literature when he was in primary school. be known as*  e.g. William Shakespeare is know as the greatest English writer of all time. 延伸閱讀>>英語島方法卡#33 Collocation -- Claire Peng Source: 
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