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Lien said
你想過嗎?貧窮、疾病、全球暖化、教育資源不足…要是這些問題透過玩遊戲的方式就能迎刃而解,那世界該有多美好?簡直就像迪士尼電影的情節。 Jessica 五歲時告訴老師,她未來的夢想是幫助別人。青少年時期,她母親形容這個孩子「點子多到令人頭痛」。大三那年,當其他同學都在忙著找工作,她推出了第一項發明 發電足球 The SOCCKET。 "There's nothing more exciting to me than the idea of harnessing the passion around the world's most popular sport, and turning it into usable power— literal power, yes, but also the figurative power that comes with believing in your potential to make a meaningful impact in this world" — Jessica O. Matthews How it Works】 非洲孩子的足球 — The SOCCKET
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Zoe Chou said
經濟崩壞的新生存指南:「多職能工作者」 Create Your Own Portfolio Career  「我要創業!」大四那年,J 小姐就立下這個職涯目標。新聞系畢業的她,出了社會自然而然投入媒體做記者,她特別選擇跑財經與商業路線,一心以為自己會在商界訪談的耳濡目染下,忽然想出什麼好的生意點子。然而,即使出國念了個 MBA(企管碩士)回來,她仍然不知道要創什麼業。直到有一天,她拿到了一張美國人的名片,上面印著大學教職、企業顧問、編劇等多元專業。對方說:"I listed all the things I can do well and made my own portfolio career." 從此以後,「portfolio career」(多職能工作組合)一詞深植J 小姐的心中,她想,與其天馬行空地找創業點子,不如實實在在地列出、並整合自己的所有專長,為客戶提供服務,這不就是一條自立門戶的道路嗎? 進入本文前,請先想想以下單字: (A)有利可圖的  (B)務實的  (C)適應性 The word "portfolio" is often used to describe a collection of assets held by an institution or a private individual to ensure a stable return of investment. It is based on the concept of not putting all your eggs in one basket. The idea of a "portfolio career" is just like that. It involves multiple identities and the income may come from part-time employment, temporary work, freelance assignments or a personal business. Some portfolio careerists even have a full-time job, but will arrange their time to pursue other (A) lucrative interests. 「投資組合」一詞經常用來指機構或個人持有的多元資產,藉此確保穩定的投資收益。它的基本概念就是避免把所有的雞蛋都放在同一個籃子裡。而「多職能工作組合」也是同樣的想法。一個多職能工作者可能具備多重身份,收入也來自不同管道,譬如兼職工作、臨時業務、外包案件或個人事業等,有些人甚至仍保有全職工作,再另外善用時間去追求其他有利可圖的業務。 A Portfolio Career is undoubtedly an emerging trend. Barrie Hopson, co-author of "10 Steps to Creating a Portfolio Career" says that this type of career offers a safety net—if you lose one or choose to quit a job, you'll still have other sources of income, which is very attractive during the economic recession. (1) On the other hand, a much more fulfilling work-life blend is offered—for some people, it is even more rewarding than paychecks. "Increasingly, people are finding that they don't want to do the same thing (2)day in and day out," Hopson says. "The traditional, single-track career pattern of the last century is now more difficult to find, and if you do pursue that, you'll almost certainly have to move between companies." 「多職能工作組合」無疑是職場的一種新趨勢。暢銷書《創造多職能工作組合的十個步驟》作者之一巴里 • 霍普生表示,這樣的工作形式提供了一張安全網—如果你丟了工作或者選擇辭職,你仍然會有其他收入來源,這個優點在經濟衰退時期非常有吸引力。另一方面,人們藉由這種方式獲得更充實的工作與生活配置—對某些人來說,這比實質的薪資更有價值。「人們漸漸發現自己並不想每天都在做同樣的事,現今也很難找到像上個世紀一樣傳統而單一路線的職涯模式,倘若你追求的是那種舊時代的職涯,你幾乎肯定要在不同的公司間跳來跳去。」 Creating a portfolio career is also a (B) down-to-earth way to start a business. After figuring out which skills you have and how you can make them work, you may (3)carve out a career for yourself. 建立「多職能工作組合」也是一種務實的創業方式。在了解自己擁有什麼技能,以及如何藉由這些技能生存,你或許就能闖出一番事業。 Even if you don't have a plan to leave the traditional work environment, you should still have the spirit of a portfolio careerist. By juggling multiple careers, you have increased flexibility and (C) adaptability, which are two key skills every employee in this post-economic downturn needs to succeed in the future. 即使你沒有離開傳統工作環境的打算,也應該具備多職能工作者的精神,因為將多個工作玩弄於股掌之間,你會變得靈活而有適應性,這兩項特質是職場人士在後經濟衰退時代取得成功的關鍵條件。 口語字彙 (1) On the other hand 另一方面 Ex: Investing in a stock market can be profitable. On the other hand, we should also take the risks we might encounter into consideration.  投資股市是有利可圖的。但另一方面,也要將可能遇到的風險列入考量範圍。 這檔基金加碼投資美國股市。 (2) Day in and day out 日復一日; 每天 Ex: Jessica has worked day in and day out for this company for twenty years. Jessica 每天上下班,已經在這家公司工作二十年的時間了。 (3) carve out 原意是「雕刻」,這裡指的是比較抽象的「開創」、「規劃」出自己的未來。 Ex: It's difficult to carve out a niche in a design industry. 要在設計產業有一席之地是很困難的。 
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Zoe Chou said
閱讀暖身 九十五歲的瑜伽大師 B·K·S·艾揚格於八月二十日逝世。艾揚格十八歲即開始教授瑜伽體位法,三十四歲因緣際會成了小提琴家曼紐因的導師,名聲從此逐漸在倫敦的藝術界傳開,被譽為「瑜伽的米開朗基羅大師」。他的第一本著作《瑜伽之光》(Light on Yoga)成為瑜伽史上的經典之作。75 年的教學中,他的學生包括電影明星 Annette Bening,設計師 Donna Karen,小說家赫胥黎,他還教會比利時 80 歲的王妃頭倒立。 一起來觀賞這則簡單卻傳奇的故事。 進入本文前,請先想想怎麼表達以下單字: a) 平靜  b) 催化  c) 挽救  In the unsettling world today, people are seeking a) tranquility and peace, and amid the different ways to discover personal refuge within, yoga has become the popular choice. The health benefits of yoga have been 1) unanimously acknowledged. The activity could be construed as physical exercise, or an active form of meditation. Regardless how yoga is defined, it is becoming a 2) modern day phenomenon, and the requirements of being a yogi are: a body, a mat, some space, and not to forget, a dash of awareness.  擾攘的現代世界,人們欲找尋平靜,藉著各種方式找到避風港,而瑜伽已經成為風尚的選擇。瑜伽有益於健康,已無庸置疑,它不只能鍛練體能,還是一種動態的冥想。瑜珈已經成為一個現代的現象。想成為瑜伽人,你只要具備:你的身體,一個墊子,些許空間,不要忘了,還有就是一些專注力。 Within each individual’s body, when chronic pains and tiredness are alleviated through physical practice, the bondage of accumulated stress and discomfort is undone, and the person regains the childlike feeling of freedom. Numerous dedicated yogis have been promoting and guiding the inward journey toward personal freedom. Master yogi, B.K.S. Iyengar was the pioneer who introduced yoga to the west, which also b) catalyzed into the yoga frenzy in Taiwan, Japan, and many other nations.  身體裡的慢性疼痛與疲勞,經過體態的練習而得到緩解,積累的壓力和束縛也隨之而去,你會重拾童趣般的自由自在的感覺。許多瑜伽修行者強調,瑜伽是身體解放的內在旅程。瑜伽大師 B.K.S. Iyengar 是將瑜伽推引到西方世界的先驅。瑜伽在西方發揚光大後,台灣,日本與許多其他國家也自動跟進。 The legendary guru was born into poverty, and suffered life-threatening ill health when he was child. Yoga had c) salvaged him, and his contribution to humanity had helped countless number of bodies. He taught yoga for seventy-five years. His students include celebrities, philosophers, musicians, and even European royalty. His famous books Light on Yoga and Light on Life have been translated into many languages, and Iyengar Yoga has become a household name, as hundreds of Iyengar yoga schools have been established around the globe.  In 2004, Iyengar was included in Time 100, the one hundred most influential people in the world chosen by Time magazine.  傳奇的大師出生貧困,童年時受苦於疾病的威脅,瑜伽把他從貧病中拉出來,並且讓世間無數人們的身體受益。他教授瑜伽 75 年裡,學生包括了名人,哲學家,音樂家,歐洲皇室。他所寫的<瑜珈之光>與<生命之光>已經譯為多種語言,幾百家 Iyengar瑜伽學院分布於全球各地。2004 年,Iyengar 被列入 Time 100,時代雜誌所選的世界上一百大影響力的人物之一。 In August 2014, upon his departure of this world at the age of 95, his motto of “live happily and die majestically,” became the celebration of his life, and his ultimate reminder to each of us will always be remembered: “It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity.” 在 2014 年 8 月,95 歲的大師離開了這個個世界,他的座右銘 “快樂生活,莊嚴離開。"已成為對他生命的贊頌,而他的提醒:“透過你的身體,你了解到自己其實是一顆神性的火花。”世人將永遠銘記在心。 口語詞彙 1. Unanimously acknowledged 一致認可,公認。 The project manager didn’t make the presentation himself, but the success of the assignment due to his diligent contribution was unanimously acknowledged.  專案經理雖沒有親自做簡報,但大家一致認為,任務的成功是因為他的認真。 2. Modern day phenomenon 現代現象,也用來解釋常常看到的事情,累積起來就變成現象了。 Many traditional practices such as Qi Gong and Feng shui are becoming popular modern day phenomena.  很多傳統的練習像是氣功與風水都已經成為熱門的現代現象了。 文/ C.H. Wang 世界公民文化中心
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