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文/N.Dannenbring  去過紐西蘭的請舉手! 有沒有覺得紐西蘭的口音很獨特?一個使用英語的國家,怎麼聽起來不像一點也不像英國腔呢? Because it’s not! New Zealand has a special accent of its own, similar to Australian but not as thick.  They also have a few slangs that are used solely in New Zealand.  If you’ve lived there or stayed there for some time, then you would know what I’m saying. 1.  All good (it’s alright) A:  Oh man just got stuck in traffic, sorry bout that. B:  All good bro. 2.  Faa (far out or the F word) A:  Faa just got yell at by that new supervisor. B:  Yea he’s kinda insecure. 3.  A feed (eat something) Haven’t had a proper feed in weeks, time for buffet! That’s some NZ slangs for you, care to share some other English slangs?  
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